Welcome to the House Concert Series.

cherylannI’m Cherylann Kelly. I’m a Milwaukee native, and in the past 25 years I’ve been involved in catering parties, weddings, and various functions featuring International cuisine, holding fund raisers that benefited many local organizations, leading drumming circles, co-founding the Milwaukee Ukulele Club, and producing large musical events. Because of these experiences, let’s just say I know how to throw really great successful parties.

Since 2010, I’ve hosted over 25 house concerts at my residence. And most of the shows were sold out.  And now I am happy to announce that, HouseConcertsMKE.com has moved to the beautiful Beulah Brinton House. (Built in 1871, this home is now the headquarters for the Bay View Historical Society.)

appetizersIt is the ideal combination of a public venue, with an intimate “living room” feel. The audience really appreciates this type of setting, because it provides a space where you can truly listen to the music that is being performed without background interruptions. (coffee machines whistling, or people trying to talk over the music.)  And the musicians love the respect of being listened to.

My intention is to support these incredibly talented musicians by creating events which are available to the community in a unique environment enhanced with delicious food and beverages. It’s a perfect combination for a perfect evening.  I hope to see you soon!